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Digital Health Company Carrot Releases glass pipes Quitting Plan

  On March 10, according to a report by Vapingpost, Carrot Inc, a digital health startup focused on quitting buy glass pipes, is providing its team and customers with Pivot digital health programs to help them quit smoking.

  This new Pivot plan is applicable to Carrot's enterprises and health plan customers who provide self-insurance for their employees and members. The plan will also be open to consumers later this year. The service has customized content, in-app courses, private guidance from smoking cessation experts and community support.

  Busybur, President and Chief Operating Officer of Carrot, said hand blown glass pipes: "The warning about the danger of smoking has revived people's awareness of how tobacco addiction challenges so many Americans every day. In the past, smoking cessation solutions included telephone counseling or face-to-face classes, and did not meet the needs of American consumers. We have changed everything for smokers through Pivot, and now we have taken prompt action to develop digital solutions for electronic cigarettes so that people can get the help they need whenever they need it. "

  Pivot's largest clinical trial data show that the smoking cessation program has achieved an unprecedented 32% success rate. The report shows that employers spend an average of $3,000 per person per year on medical expenses, which means that the total annual income of the US tobacco industry will reach billions of dollars.

  Meanwhile, researchers from the School of Medicine of the University of East Anglia recently found that smokers are more likely to quit smoking when they receive financial rewards.

  The Cochrane Library published a study entitled "Incentives to Quit Smoking," which included the results of 33 trials from eight countries, including 10 trials for pregnant women. Researchers analyzed data from more than 21,000 participants who tried to quit smoking.

  The results show that smokers are 50% more likely to quit smoking when receiving financial rewards than non-smokers. The value of the award ranges from 35 pounds to 912 pounds in the form of cash payments, gift certificates or deposits paid by participants, which are then refunded. Interestingly, research shows that the amount of cash reward does not really affect their chances of quitting smoking. A small reward is enough.

  Dr Penny Woods glass pipes sherlock, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, said these results should be taken into account when designing smoking cessation programs. "Financial incentives to help people quit smoking have been abolished in the past, so it is great to see strong evidence that these innovative programs are effective. Local authorities should consider this new study when designing a comprehensive smoking cessation service because it can help target the most difficult smokers in our community. "


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