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British Advertising Standards Agency: Prohibitsglass pipes Cigarette Advertising in Social Media

  According to Vapingpost glass pipes, the British Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) recently banned four e-cigarette manufacturers from promoting their e-cigarette products/electronic devices on Instagram.

  According to the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), Article 22.12 of the UK CAP prohibits the promotion of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes in newspapers, magazines, periodicals and online media. However, the law allows de facto declarations of products on marketers' own websites, and in principle, this exception may extend to social media activities.

  For this reason, BAT, one of the manufacturers that banned advertising, argued that their promotional activities were an exception. However, the American Tobacco Association pointed out that the tobacco company used celebrities in its Instagram post "obviously [beyond] the scope of providing factual information and is promotional in nature".

  ASA considered whether the posts on Instagram's profile could be distributed to users who did not pay attention to the account, and determined that other users could view the posts by using tags and Instagram's Explore option. The agency believes  glass pipes and bongs  that this is equivalent to pushing content to consumers who do not necessarily choose to receive content.

  Meanwhile, Scotland is planning to become the first country in Europe to restrict e-cigarette advertising. Joe FitzPatrick, Scottish public health minister, has confirmed that the Scottish government is exploring ways to reduce children's exposure to electronic cigarette products.

  "This will make Scotland the first country in Europe to do so. The proposed restrictions will not apply to any public health campaign, and the proposal is to allow advertisements to be placed at the point of sale, provided that advertisements cannot be seen outside the store. "

  Scotland's parliament will consider a proposal to ban advertising glass pipes hand blown on billboards, bus shelters and leaflets to restrict e-cigarette companies from promoting and promoting their products. The proposed restrictions do not apply to any public health campaign, and the law will allow advertising at the point of sale as long as such advertising is not visible at external outlets.


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